Content Connections is a company dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive online Math content for Secondary and Adult Education markets.

The major impetus for creating these courses was because we believe that no student should have to fail Math.  The  scope and sequence of our courses allow for all students to be successful.

We want you to compare our online and onsite courses so that you can see the reason why our customers tell us these are the best courses available.

Easy to teach and easy to learn.

Why should you choose these courses:

  • Visual (Flash based) lesson animations with audio explanations to explain the concepts.
  • Lots of example problems with step by step explanations/solutions
    • Many practice examples that mirror standard exam questions
  • Multiple interactive activities to engage the learner
  • Students have complete control over each lesson: they can work at their own pace, stop, start or replay lesson units at any time.
  • ‘Note-taking’ supplements for all lessons: an excellent tool to keep students’ notes organized.
  • Audio and Video (Jings) for all practice assessments questions for Understanding, Knowledge and Higher order levels.
  • Student access to the course material from anywhere – all that is needed is a computer and internet access.
  • Full instructor access and control over the learners
  • IRP and Western Protocol compliant
  • COMING SOON: Access through mobile devices 

These courses are designed for self-study, allowing students to go through the course at their own pace. This enables students to take the time they need (fast or slow) to understand difficult concepts. Students who miss classes, for any reason, do not miss instruction. They can pick up right where they left off.  Ask us about different LMS versions of the course in your jurisdiction.